Gutter Guard Protection from Animals - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TNThere may be more inhabitants living under your roof then just you and your family. Did you know that open gutters are a favorite spot for birds, insects, and rodents to live? The gutter professional, Gutterman of TN knows how welcoming open gutters are to these unwanted creatures and the damage their presence causes. Our gutter guards provide the perfect solution to closing your gutter “motel”.

Consider this:
Leaves and other debris accumulate in open gutters and allow vermin the perfect nesting environment. It becomes a vicious circle, clogged gutters attract pests, and the pests and their waste continue to block the gutters allowing the leaves and debris to further accumulate. Both block the proper and intended function of the gutters.

The buildup of rainwater not only feeds the animals but, as we know, provides the perfect nesting ground for mosquitos. Mosquitoes not only cause painful bites and prevent the use of outdoor spaces, but they also carry toxic diseases, some can be rare and even deadly.

Once the animals (insects and birds) have established themselves in your gutters, they often migrate to your roof, chimney, and find ways to get inside your home. Their excrement contains fungus, diseases, and are outlined by the Center for Disease Control. When they die trapped inside your home or gutter, the decaying bodies attract equally unwanted parasites.

Okay, we think you get the picture why you want to close the “gutter motel” to vermin. Now let’s look at other reasons why need to invest in covered gutters installed by a professional gutter company, FUNCTIONALITY.

The purpose of gutters is to deflect water from your home and its foundation. Open gutters require meticulous maintenance. While some may try, gutter cleaning is not a DYI project. Consider this report from ABC News:

  • More than 2.1 million people were treated in hospital emergency departments for ladder-related injuries from 1990 to 2005.
  • Almost 10 percent of those 2.1 million people needed to be hospitalized, about twice the overall admission rate for consumer-product related injuries.
  • Males accounted for nearly 77 percent of all ladder-related injuries. Fractures were the most common type of injury, and legs and feet were the most frequently injured parts of the body.
    The study also found that, among cases were location was recorded, 97 percent of injuries occurred at homes, farms and other non-occupational settings.
  • Ladder accidents have increased by 50% since 2005!

We know that many of the folks included in these numbers told themselves and their loved ones “I’ll be careful.”; “I won’t be on the ladder that long.”; and/or “Don’t worry, I will be fine.” Don’t risk it. Period.

One alternative is to hire a trained professional with experience in climbing and balancing along with the proper tools necessary to thoroughly clean your gutters. That’ll probably cost you about $500 a year.

The very best cost effective and efficient way to manage water drainage and have protection from all the problems associated with open gutters is to invest in Gutter Guards. Gutter Guards pay for themselves in 3 to 5 years and much sooner if you consider the price of falling off the ladder, structural damage to your property from water and moisture, and home invasion from rodents.

Remember, when you are dealing with such serious issues as home safety, value, and even aesthetics its best to seek professional advice and installation regarding proper gutter management. If you live in Middle Tennessee, The Gutterman of TN will meet with you, offer an objective evaluation and present a written estimate on the best way to protect your home.