With the arrival of November, nearly half of fall has already passed. Daylight Savings marks the midway point to winter, meaning the cold weather is just around the corner. Seeing as fall has been steadily progressing over the past several weeks, many trees have started to lose their leaves, if they have not lost most or all of them already. For the leaves no longer stuck on the trees but also not on the ground, you are likely to find many of them resting contentedly in your gutters.

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If your gutters are clogged with leaves, the time to have them cleaned was probably at least a few weeks ago. Experts generally agree that gutters should be cleaned twice per year – right around now, during the fall, and just before spring. The logic behind cleaning them in the fall is to eliminate any excess weight on the gutters created by wet leaves and other debris rotting there. This allows the increased precipitation during the winter to flow freely through the gutters. On the other hand, cleaning just before spring ensures the path through the gutter system is clear before the heavy onslaught of rain.

Waiting too long to clean the gutters or not cleaning them at all can have serious consequences down the road. For one, clogged gutters usually contain blocked water inside all the extra gunk sitting there, and water is very heavy. This undue stress on the gutters can significantly shorten their lifespan. The weight will slowly pull the gutters away from the house and even down to the ground, rendering them completely useless. Regularly cleaning gutters is much more affordable than regularly replacing them.

Another result of leaving gutters clogged is water damage to your home. When the water cannot flow through the gutters to the drain spout, it spills over the edge of the gutters and washes down the side of the house. As it pools near the foundation, the water seeps into the concrete basement or slab, which can cause flooding, mildew and cracking. In addition, the walls of the house may draw the water up into the wooden support beams, creating expensive water damage. Even your roof can suffer water damage if the water is forced to sit on the roof because it cannot run through the blocked gutters.

If you have not had your gutters cleaned since the leaves started to fall this season, now is the time to do so. Have your gutters cleaned by a professional who can do the work safely and spot any damage that should be repaired before it causes expensive problems. If you live in the Nashville area, contact The Gutterman of TN for a professional consultation.