Gutter installation and cleaning is not a DIY job. Seek professional assistance from the Gutterman.

Gutter installation and cleaning is not a DIY job. Seek professional assistance from the Gutterman.

There are some key reasons why it is important not to take on gutter cleaning or installation yourself or to hire an amateur to do so. As the leading gutter pros in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas, we hope you will take our word for it when we give you the following reasons why you should hire a pro to work on your gutters:

1. So You’ll Stay Safe.

First and foremost, we beseech you to leave your gutters to professionals for safety’s sake. When it comes to scaling tall ladders or rooftops, especially with tools, equipment, and even gutters, you won’t want to take on the liability yourself. We hope we don’t have to warn you how dangerous, even fatal, a fall from a roof can be. It is simply not worth the savings of doing gutter maintenance yourself if you are risking life and limb. Instead find a fully trained, licensed, and insured gutter company or contractor to do the work for you.

2. So Your Gutters Will Hold Up Long-term.

If you don’t want to find your new gutters blown off your house a year from now, we recommend leaving installation to someone who knows precisely how to affix your gutters.

3. So You Won’t Void Your Warranty.

If you’re having new gutters or a gutter guard system installed, you will want to have access to the product warranty should you need it. Our SafeGuard gutter guards, for instance, come with a 20-year no-clog warranty, while our K-Guard system comes with a lifetime no-clog warranty. Should you need to take advantage of that, you won’t want the manufacturer to decide not to honor the warranty because you did a DIY job on your gutter guards all those years ago.

4. So You Can Benefit from a Gutter Man’s Expertise.

A gutter professional will identify problems that are simply not visible to most homeowners. We can also create draining solutions and even suggest creative applications like the use of rain barrels.

The bottom line is that a professional will simply do a better, more thorough job of servicing your gutters because we know how to troubleshoot gutter problems, and we fully understand the purpose and importance of a well-designed gutter system.

If you live in the Nashville area and have questions about your gutters, call The Gutter Man to schedule your gutter inspection.