Say goodbye to clogged up gutters with K-Guard. You can also improve the outside look of your home.

Say goodbye to clogged up gutters while improving the outside look of your home. Only with K-Guard!

Have you ever imagined gutters adding beauty to your home? It is entirely possible with the gutter protection system, K-Guard. With a contoured look with smooth edges and curves, K-Guard comes in a variety of colors to blend with your home’s exterior palette. Not only does this gutter protection system look good, it is so effective at keeping your gutters leaf-free that it is guaranteed to stay clog-free for life. The Gutterman recommends K-Guard as the best choice in a gutter protection system, and we’d like to tell you some reasons why.

no need to worry about cleaning your gutters

Cleaning your gutters can be a tedious and dangerous task because you risk falling every time you get on a ladder. The K-Guard system is superior to other gutter protection systems because it uses a system of patented hangers made from ultra-strong all-weather polymers, providing strength and security, making sure your gutters never sag. Its five-inch wide gutters also help ensure water flow, and the oversized downspouts on the system flush this water flow off your roof and away from your foundation, the most important job of a gutter system.

easy repair, if ever needed

Made from two separate pieces, the gutter hood separates from the actual gutter. If a tree branch damages your hood, it is easy to replace without totally dismantling and replacing the entire gutter system. Also, unlike most gutter protection systems, the K-Guard system attaches directly to the fascia board without having to touch any part of your roof structure. What is so great about this feature is you will never have to worry about your gutter protection system voiding out your roof warranty. And, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a fascia board on your home. The Gutterman can easily do a simple fascia board built-out as well as help you plan how the K-Guard system can be modified to work with your home.

adds beauty to your home

Available in many colors and never needs to be painted, the K-Guard system is designed to blend with your home’s decor. Smooth and sleek, the contoured look adds class without the sharp edges of traditional gutters. A striking accent to your home, the K-Guard is strong, durable, and functional. Designed to never bend or flex, this gutter protection system will withstand the toughest weather conditions, even gale force winds, ice, and the most extreme temperatures. Thanks to its unique design, ice will only form on top of the gutter, not inside. This means your gutters are protected from freezing and thawing ice, which can pry your gutter away from your house.

guaranteed for life

One of the best features of the K-Guard gutter protection system is its lifetime guarantee. The company believes so strongly in this guarantee that if your gutter system ever clogs, you will have a certified K-Guard professional technician come to your home and repair the clog for free.

If you are tired of cleaning your gutters, contact The Gutterman today and talk to us about installing the K-Guard gutter protection system on your home, and enjoy maintenance-free and guaranteed clog-free gutters that add beauty to your house.