Many homeowners rarely think about the gutters on their home. In fact, they might even say that they never worry about the gutters. Unfortunately, this mindset is the one that often results in the most stress when the gutters start to fail from months, years, or even decades of neglect. However, you can start preventing this kind of disaster by investing in the right gutter guards.

Before buying the first gutter guards you see and trying to install them yourself, take time to find a great gutter company. The company should offer a wide range of guard options and be able to guide you to the best choice for your home and budget. If the first company you look into tries to push one kind of gutter guard on you, run the other way. A reputable company offers multiple products and should have the working knowledge needed to determine the best fit for your home and property.

Upon finding a trusted gutter company to help with product selection and installation, you will need to decide which gutter guard to invest in. Everyone wants to make their gutters maintenance free, but the amount of maintenance required after installing gutter guards is often determined by the quality of the gutter guards you choose to invest in.

The most basic type of gutter guard is the grated style. This involves a flat strip of vinyl or metal that lies across the opening of the gutter. Holes in the guard can be diamond shaped or circular, or the guard can be a simple metal mesh style. Water flows down the roof and through the holes of the gutter guard into the gutter. All leaves, buds, twigs, and other debris are blocked from entering the gutter by the guard. This mechanism stops the gutters from clogging, but the debris will collect on top of the guards, which requires routine clearing. These guards are generally the most affordable, but you pay for the low price with regular maintenance and even occasional replacement.

Another option is the hooded gutter guard. With a solid top, the water runs over the edge and hooks under the guard, through a small slot, to drip into the gutter. The debris, on the other hand, continues to run off the edge of the guard and falls to the ground. These systems are usually more expensive, but require less maintenance. One product we offer, called K-Guard, promises no maintenance. The hood and gutter combination are designed to work as a unit and can hold up to 35 pounds of vertical weight per foot of gutter. This weight capacity suggests that the system can withstand the weight of normal debris resting on top of it.

Choosing the right gutters and gutter guards can feel overwhelming and every home gutter situation is different. What works for one home, may not work with another. With the help of the right professional, you can make an informed decision that fits your house and your budget. If you live in the area of Nashville, Tennessee, contact The Gutterman of TN to speak with an expert and schedule your free consultation and estimate.