How Gutters Have an Effect on This Problem

If you have a basement, one of your biggest fears whenever it rains is your basement flooding, and this is a legitimate and valid fear as a flooded basement is a true nightmare of repairs. You can have all sorts of damage with a flooded basement – ruined carpet and flooring, destroyed furniture, rotted drywall, and the absolute worst…mold. These repairs can be costly and time-consuming, and what makes things even worse is your basement can even flood in dry weather, making this a complete mystery as to why it even happened.

According to the Kingston, Ontario utilities company, problems with your foundation drainage is a major cause of your basement flooding in both dry and wet weather. However, did you know that the main cause of water in your basement is overflowing gutters? It is! Keeping your gutters clean is extremely important to prevent water from seeping into your basement and causing floods, and luckily you have the Gutterman of Tennessee, Scott Brasfield, an expert on cleaning gutters as well as installing top-of-the-line gutter guards to keep out leaves and other debris and even how to create proper foundation drainage to keep your basement bone-dry, to contact for an appointment today by calling or filling out a form on his website so he can speak with you about how best to protect you from the nightmare of a flooded basement.

So, how exactly do overflowing gutters lead to water in your basement?

The water has nowhere to go when gutters are clogged with debris, so it overflows over the gutter to the ground right next to your home, within a couple of feet of the foundation, saturating the ground and making the ground settle. As the ground settles and moves, it can stress your home’s foundation and cause cracking, allowing water to enter your home. Or hydrostatic pressure may force the water in through the concrete. Your only solution is to clean your gutters – either by yourself or by a professional like the Gutterman, and install preventative maintenance like K-Guard Gutter Protection, the Gutterman’s #1 recommendation for a gutter guard system.

Why use  K-Guard Gutter Protection?

A completely engineered system that has been designed to be strong, durable, and even attractive, the K-Guard engineers are so confident about this product keeping your gutters leaf and debris-free that they have guaranteed it to stay clog-free for life. If it ever does become clogged, K-Guard will send over a maintenance professional to fix it for free. Founded in 1996 by a team of professionals who wanted to end the problem of clogged gutters once and for all, K-Guard decided to change the gutter industry by creating a gutter system that was durable enough to last the lifetime of your home and looked good enough to add beauty to your home. Most gutter systems are only available in certain colors like white, brown or black; however, K-Guard comes in every shade of the rainbow, allowing you to match your gutter system to the decor of your home. If you have more questions about the K-Guard Gutter Protection, you can find a FAQ section on the Gutterman’s website.

If waking up to a flooded basement is a nightmare you would rather not experience, keeping your gutters clean and installing a gutter guard system are among the most important steps you can take. Give The Gutterman of Tennessee a call today to talk to him about getting your gutters inspected and discussing your options of gutter guard systems to protect your home.