Hang Christmas Lights Properly on Gutters - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TNEvery holiday season, Christmas trees go up, presents are purchased, and tasty food is baked. In spite of all the work required for these activities, they can seem like a breeze when compared to the daunting task of putting up outdoor decorations. Each of us has that intimidating neighbor with a stunning array of lights, statues and special effects, which can dampen our interest in struggling with outdoor lights. Luckily, hanging Christmas lights can actually be fun and easy, if you know how to hang them properly from your gutters.

Hanging Christmas lights on gutters should not involve destructive power tools or leaning precariously from the top of a ladder, wrestling with a jury-rigged solution. In fact, it can be painless and simple with the right equipment. Essentially, all you need is a tall enough ladder to safely access the gutters from the ground and the proper gutter clips. They snap on and off easily, do not require damaging the gutter to secure, and can present lights in an attractive way.

Clips for gutters can display light vertically or horizontally depending on the style. To hang lights vertically, which is popular for the large C9 light bulbs, invest in original shingle tabs or C-style all-in-one tabs. Hanging lights horizontally requires regular, omni, or LED all-in-one clips, gutter clips, or bi-axial shingle tabs.

All-in-one clips are easily hung from gutters and shingles. They clip onto the gutter and are secured by a tab that can hook over the edge of gutters with enough space. Capable of displaying mini lights, large C9 bulbs, and rope lights, these clips are great, damage-free options for Christmas lights. In addition, the omni all-in-one clips come with a hook that can be used to hang icicle drop lights from.

Shingle tabs are another popular option for hanging Christmas lights. They slide into place beneath shingles and gutters to hold mini lights or C9 bulbs vertically or horizontally depending on the style. These can also be removed easily at the end of the season with the lights.

While most all-in-one and shingle tabs can accommodate hanging lights from gutters, another alternative is the gutter clip, which is designed specifically for gutters. S hooks have a simple s-shaped design that rests over the edge of the gutter, and the lights hang from the bottom curve. These work best for gutters with a width of ¼” or less. For wider gutters, a regular gutter clip can display lights horizontally or vertically. Both types can be removed easily.

When hanging Christmas lights on gutters, you need one clip for every light. Attach the clips on the ground and secure them to the gutters from a secure ladder. Hanging beautiful Christmas lights has never been easier, so you might be the intimidating neighbor with the gorgeous display of lights. For more information on proper gutter care over the winter season, contact the Gutterman of TN.