Every house has different needs, so choosing the best gutter guard for your home is crucial. Some homes have a shallow roof pitch, while others have a forest of trees towering over them, and each of these has its own gutter requirements. Choosing the gutter guard that suits your home can save you a lot of hassle and money.

Keep in mind that all gutter guards have some type of maintenance, but the key is choosing the one with the least amount of maintenance. For example, gutter guards with circular or diamond cut outs require a routine sweep of debris. The leaves, buds, and needles do not fall into the gutter or build up inside the down spouts, which helps you avoid having to replace fallen, rusted or solidly packed gutters. However, these types of gutter guards still collect the debris, and it needs to be cleared off the prevent water from flowing down the side of the house and pooling at the foundation. Mesh gutter guards require very similar maintenance to this.

Another type of gutter guard is the solid vinyl variety. They function by stopping leaves, buds and needles from dropping into the gutter and by allowing water to run along the bottom side of the vinyl and fall into the gutter. With these guards, as well, the debris collects on top of the guard and needs to be cleared on a regular basis. Allowing the filth to sit on the gutter guards weighs down the guards and the gutters themselves, putting unnecessary strain on the system. The gutter guards protect the gutters, so protecting the guards means protecting the gutters.

Many homeowners are disappointed to learn that installing gutter guards does not free them of gutter maintenance. Some even wrongfully blame the gutter guards for working incorrectly, when they were never meant to replace the proper care of your gutters. The purpose of the guards is to keep the investment of your gutters save from untimely damage caused by clogging. You have to help your guards protect the gutters by keeping them clean as well.

Check each type of gutter guard you are considering for the warranty it offers. For instance, some gutter guards come with a lifetime clog free guarantee. If your gutters clog, the manufacturer will clean them for free. Even the paint finish comes with a warranty that promises that the guards will stay new and fresh for life. The warranty is also completely transferrable, which makes a great selling point when it comes time to move.

Gutter guards are a serious investment for your home and deserve some serious thought. If you live in the Nashville area, contact the Gutterman to help guide you through the decision. His expertise will help you make the most informed decision and ensure a proper installation that will protect your home for years to come.