Known as the “Cadillac of roofing,” metal shingles are definitely more expensive than asphalt and other options of roofing materials; however, when installed by a licensed professional, these roofing systems typically are worth the upfront investment because they are backed by a lifetime warranty. This peace of mind is just one of the benefits of metal shingle roofing. If you need to update your roof, The Gutterman of Tennessee would like you to consider our professional metal shingle roofing services. For over 14 years, The Gutterman of Tennessee has been proud to provide a variety of professional gutter and roofing maintenance, repair, and installation services to the Nashville area, and you can count on us to take care of your home. We only sell and install EDCO steel roofing, which is widely known as the most durable metal roofing available. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about the advantages to metal shingle roofing and how it can improve your home.

Increase Energy Efficiency with UV Reflection

When you own a home, one of the smartest ways to save money on utilities is to cool your home as efficiently as possible. One of the biggest benefits of metal shingle roofing is that it is UV reflective, which means that it will not absorb any heat from the sun. In fact, The Gutterman of Tennessee recommends this type of roofing because it can save you as much as 40 percent of your utility costs this summer. Plus, since the energy efficiency of your new metal shingle roof will not decrease over time, you will save money on your utility bills every summer. Many of our customers are surprised that they never have to worry about it being too uncomfortably hot in their homes. We promise that you will not have to run your AC all day after we install a new roof with EDCO steel shingle materials.

Protect Your Home from the Elements of Weather

The Gutterman of Tennessee serves homes across the Middle Tennessee region, and we know exactly how damaging Mother Nature can be. You can depend on metal shingle roofing to be resistant to water damage, including leaks, mildew, mold, cracking, peeling, and chipping. Strong thunderstorms in this area can also mean possible tornado threats, but your home will be safe with an EDCO steel roof because this material can withstand wind speeds up to 160 miles per hour. This type of roofing is also resistant to termites and rodents. Although you may think that a metal roof may increase your risk of a lightning strike, this material will intercept any lightning that comes towards your home. Additionally, steel is non-combustible, which means if lightning were to hit your home, you would not be in danger of a roof fire. A metal roof is so strong and durable when it comes to weather events that many home insurance companies offer a discount when you install an EDCO steel roof.

Add Curb Appeal

Another surprising advantage of EDCO metal shingles is how versatile this material can be when it comes to aesthetics. After you decide whether you want the traditional style of split shake shingles or the timeless look of stone tiles with slate shingles, The Gutterman of Tennessee can then show you the options you have for the color and finish of your roofing materials. You will be far from limited with metal shingle roofing as you have nearly 50 different choices when it comes to the color, finish, and style combinations with EDCO steel roofing materials. You are also adding value to your home with this roofing decision because of its appeal to potential homebuyers. Not only will they not have to worry about having to replace the roof, but they will also save money and energy because of the UV reflection characteristics of metal shingle roofing.

Ease of Installation

Although metal shingle roofing can be more expensive when it comes to the materials, your installation costs will typically be lower than it would be for asphalt shingles or other materials. In many situations, The Gutterman of Tennessee is able to install EDCO steel shingles directly over your existing roofing shingles, and this can be a big savings in installation costs.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Since metal roofing shingles do not need a lot of resources to be manufactured, this type of roof is the most environmentally friendly option available. Made without petroleum by-products, this type of recyclable roofing shingle will not end up in a landfill with asphalt shingles. If we are able to install the EDCO steel shingles over your existing asphalt shingles, you will not even have to worry about adding to the landfill.

With these benefits, you can see why The Gutterman of Tennessee recommends EDCO steel shingle roofing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a metal shingle roofing consultation. We will help you find the best roofing system to efficiently protect your home.