When it comes to gutters, quality is one of your most important considerations. The Gutterman of Tennessee provides an all encompassing quality gutter experience for those in Middle Tennessee. Gutterman offers the same advice and expert perspective no matter where you live. Quality must include the product, product knowledge, proper installation, and customer experience. Importance of Quality Gutters - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TN

When it comes to understanding why gutter quality is so important, you must understand the fundamentals of gutters. Simply put, gutters are the drainage system that protects your home from the damage water can cause. Did you realize that one inch of rain equates to almost 2000 gallons of water that needs to go somewhere. Properly functioning gutters and downspouts channel water in the direction you want it to go rather than inside your walls, basement, and foundation.

Gutters are not a product where one size or type fits all. Gutters come in different sizes, materials, and styles and must be matched to the external environment of your home as well as your home’s structure. In order to function properly, the correct type gutter and corresponding downspouts must be strategically placed around your roof to direct runoff water from rain, ice, snow away from your home and foundation. Misdirected water can cause erosion, ruin the integrity of your home’s construction, as well as create dangerous mold. Quality planning, products, and installation keep your home safe and dry.

If you live in an older home or a replication of an historic home you have special considerations. “Gutters on older structures can cause problems because they are often integrated with the roof structure such as built-in gutters, cornice gutters, hidden gutters, and Yankee gutters; and if not properly maintained can result in leaks into roof, cornice, or (the) structure itself ”, according to the U.S. General Services Administration. Whether your home is contemporary or historic construction or somewhere in between, malfunctioning gutters are almost as bad as no gutters at all and can do serious and costly damage to your roof in addition to the water damage.

Sagging, broken, and loose gutters can be visually apparent as you walk around your home; and we highly recommend you do so every few months or more frequently if you have had severe weather. However, many issues that can cause your gutters to be inefficient can only be detected by a gutter professional and yearly gutter inspections by a trained professional is a must for pro-active home maintenance.

When it’s time to add or replace your gutters you have a variety of choices including the material from which the gutters are fabricated. Knowing the best product choices for your home is a huge measure of the quality of your gutter professional. The quality and performance are much better with some choices than others. Your gutter professional will help you determine which product is best for your home. Aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, or even vinyl? The fasteners used to hang your gutters are also an important consideration…will your gutters be cleated, nailed, or screwed into place? Will your gutters be sectional or seamless? What shape is the best gutter for your home “K-style,” fascia, or half round? What type gutter protection is needed?

Only someone with extensive product knowledge who has done a visual inspection of your home and property can provide a quality plan and product to safeguard your home.