For many things in life, it’s what you don’t know that cause you the most problems. When it comes to the proper placement of the downspouts to your home’s gutter system, that “not knowing” can cause you a whole host of structural and financial problems that you never envisioned. The Gutterman of TN, located in Nashville, knows first-hand that simply having down spouts around your house is not the answer to protecting your home from water damage. And most important, improperly placed downspouts actually cause water damage.

Some of you make think that installing your own downspouts is as easy as a trip to the local home improvement store, loading up the back of your truck, and attaching the pipes to your gutters at various intervals around your home and “Viola” you are protected. Be warned, it’s not that easy and there are many other essential considerations that justify and give you cause to hire a professional rather than attempt the project yourself.

Understanding your particular property is first and foremost to effectively place your downspouts. No online website or store clerk can advise you on proper gutter placement since they have not done a thorough on-site evaluation of the grade and pitch of your property, the construction of your home, the position of the structures on the property, or the density of the soil of the ground under and around your property and home. (And you probably aren’t able to evaluate and put into perspective all those important considerations either.)

Waterproof Magazine explains the considerations this way, “The true key to having a dry, enjoyable living space is proper drainage. This is much more than a simple membrane, but involves the eaves, gutters, and downspouts, and extends to landscaping, sprinklers, and even the slope of the ground around the foundation.” They go on to caution, “Many people are amazed when they learn just how much water can run off their roof. One inch of rain falling onto 1,000 sq. ft. of roof translates into more than 600 gallons of water.” The question becomes, where is all that water going to go? Properly placed downspouts are your assurance that all that water is going to be directed into your sewer system and away from your property.

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors lists improper placement of downspouts and gutters as number three of their Top 10 New Home Defects – New Construction.

The point is, the proper placement of downspouts must take in consideration the various roof levels, overhangs, and porches of your house, the weather conditions of your area, the content and density of your soil, your home’s construction and placement on the property, the hard and soft-scape of your property, as well as the materials used for your gutters. Knowing the answers to those questions and applying the results of that evaluation to the strategic placement of the downspouts involves someone with much more expertise than the average homeowner has or wants to devote the time to learn.

When the integrity of your home is at stake, it just makes sense (dollars and “sense”) to call a professional gutter/downspout installer. If you live in the Nashville area, The Gutterman of TN can provide you with the expertise you need to ensure your downspouts are doing their job to channel water away from your property. Gutterman of TN has an A+ rating from the BBB and a “Super Service Award” from Angie’s List. The gutter company you chose to do business with outside of Nashville should also have the same credentials to ensure your downspouts will be placed properly.