If you have noticed that sections of your gutter system are clogged, sagging, or damaged in another way, it is important to take care of the repairs as soon as you can to avoid more extensive damage. Without functioning gutters, certain parts of your home, such as the foundation, are at a much higher risk for suffering from water damage, and this type of damage can be more expensive to repair as it deteriorates. As the most trusted gutter expert in the Nashville We Supply Copper Gutters and Copper Gutter Guards - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TNarea, The Gutterman of Tennessee offers professional standard and specialty gutter installation, design, repair, and maintenance services, and we can help you find the right type of gutter and gutter protection system for your home and your budget. Owner Scott Brasfield has 25 years of experience with every aspect of home improvement, including windows, roofing, and siding, and he has specialized in home gutter systems for over 14 years. Gutters not only serve an essential function of directing water away from your home, but they can also add beauty and curb appeal to the exterior of your home, particularly if you choose a copper gutter system for your home. We would like to tell you more about why you should consider upgrading your gutter system to copper gutters and how copper gutter guards can help keep your system protected for years.

What are the advantages of copper gutters?

Although a gutter system manufactured from copper is much more expensive than a system made from other metals, it can be a smart home investment because it will last for a lifetime because copper is so durable. According to the Copper Alliance [https://www.copper.org/education/c-facts/facts-print.html], this metal has played an important role in architecture and building for thousands of years because it is so strong, elegant, and low maintenance. As copper ages, it develops a patina, which is an attractive bluish-green lining that will protect your gutters from suffering from rusting and other types of corrosion damage. Also known as a Verdigris Patina, this lining typically takes about 20 years to develop. Even though many people love the look of the patina, you also have the option of keeping your copper gutters shiny and bright by having them cleaned on a regular basis. Another advantage of choosing copper gutters is that this metal naturally keeps algae and fungi from developing on your system. This plays a big role in keeping your gutters working properly because this reduces the number of clogs that can develop in your system. When your gutters become clogged, it can lead to them sagging and breaking away from your home. Damaged gutters may even direct water towards your home instead of away as they are meant to do.

What can I expect from The Gutterman of Tennessee’s copper gutter services?

From your first consultation appointment with The Gutterman of Tennessee, you will receive personalized services directly from our owner, Scott Brasfield, who will begin by showing you the copper gutter options that are available. No matter what questions you may have, you can depend on us to do whatever we can to answer your questions and address any of your concerns. In order to provide you with the best customer service possible throughout this process, you will be given Scott’s cell phone number so that you will be able to directly deal with him at all times. It is very important to us that you are totally satisfied with our work and the performance of your new gutter system. We specialize in providing services that have been customized to your home and its needs as well as to your budget. If you feel that copper gutters are just too expensive, we also offer galvalume gutter systems that will last just as long as copper at a fraction of the cost. With a gunmetal appearance from their aluminum and zinc coating, this type of gutter is manufactured from steel and will not change its coloring over time.

You can also count on Scott to ensure that your home has the ultimate protection against water penetration and damage. He has been providing professional home improvement services for over 25 years, and his experience has taught him about where every weak spot is located as well as which corners are often cut by roofers and contractors. You can depend on Scott to make sure that your gutters are functioning seamlessly with your roof and to make honest recommendations about what is needed to protect your home. We are proud to offer the option to install gutter guards onto your gutter system that will keep leaves and other debris from clogging the system. No matter what materials you choose for your gutter system, we can install gutter guards that align perfectly with your gutters.

When it comes to copper gutters, The Gutterman of Tennessee has the experience and understanding to handle any installation and repair of a copper gutter system on any home in the Middle Tennessee region. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation with our owner, Scott Brasfield. We are here for any of your professional gutter maintenance, repair, and installation needs.