If you’re exploring different types of gutters, you may have come across box gutters, one of the less commonly used gutters. So what exactly are box gutters? Box gutters are common on historical homes, commercial buildings and on multifamily housing. Unlike the more common hanging gutters, box gutters are built into the bottom of a building’s roof line or into the bottom of the roof overhang. Because of that, box gutters blend into the look of the home’s design in a more seamless way.

house-gutters - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TN Box gutters were the first type of gutter to be used. Originally, as the name suggests, box gutters were wood boxes, crafted into different forms by skilled carpenters. The carpenter determined the slope and shape of the gutter. Once the wooden boxes were crafted, they were lined on the inside with metal, usually tin-coated steel and occasionally copper or lead. Historic box gutters often had crown molding attached to the front for a more ornate appearance.

Over time, the metal can corrode and the wood can rot on historical box gutters. That leads to problems, including leaks at weakening joints or where the metal has been punctured, problems from ice jams and eve settling. Often, historical box gutters are insufficiently sized to deal with the water runoff from your home’s roof. Eventually, your historic box gutters will need to be repaired or replaced by gutter or roofing professionals. If you choose to replace the box gutters on your historic home with the type of gutters more commonly used today, you likely will have to have the roof line extended to cover the existing box gutters before new gutters can be installed. This can alter the look and feel of your historic home.

Box gutters for a modern look

In addition to historic homes, at the Gutterman, we recommend installing box gutters for a clean, modern look on your contemporary home. We install 7-inch seamless box gutters to match the look of your home. The gutters come in a variety of colors to blend into your home’s design. Unlike historic box gutters, modern box gutters are relatively maintenance free. Because they’re seamless, you don’t have to worry about the potential for damaging water leaks!

If you’re looking to discover gutter options for a modern look, or to replace your existing, failing historical gutters, call the Gutterman of Tennessee! We provide a variety of gutter options to match with the look and feel of your home, and to fit with your personal taste. We can walk you through your options, talk to you about the pros and cons of each one, and help you settle on the gutter that is right for your home!

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