Yuck, Yuck and Yuck!

A lot of Middle Tennessee is leafy and heavily treed, which is part of what makes our home as beautiful as it is. But as autumn rolls in, we’re also all reminded of how much of a headache all those beautiful trees can be, as mounds of colorful leaves fill up our gutters and stop them from being able to effectively divert water away from our home. That’s a part of why we love our K-Guard gutter protection system — it keeps debris out while allowing water to keep flowing.

Owners of standard open design gutters are all too familiar with fall gutter clogging, though. And while leaves and brush are the most obvious gutter cloggers, they’re far from the only culprits — and leaves definitely aren’t the most troubling contributors to a clogged gutter system.

The gutters on your home don't just collect leaves and water.

The gutters on your home don’t just collect leaves and water.

There’s the mold that results from decaying organic matter and moisture sitting in once place for a long time. And then there are the unwelcome gifts from woodland creatures. Many animals don’t see your gutters as the helpful and indispensable water diverters they are — squirrels, birds and other furry and feathered friends more see your gutters as a place to hang out, nest and deposit things we’d rather not have in our home.

Animal Waste Isn’t Just Annoying, It Can Be Dangerous

Waste left by birds and other animals makes up a noteworthy part of the gutter-clogging gunk that can lead to moisture problems in your home. And while that’s indeed gross and very annoying, more than that, that waste can carry dangerous bacteria and fungus that you shouldn’t be touching.

Then there are the dangers that come with standing water. We’ve all heard about the cases of West Nile Virus found repeatedly around Nashville, and standing water in your gutters makes a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

We also have to be concerned about secondary animal issues that come with clogged gutters. Animals and clogged gutters can kind of be a vicious cycle. Animals contribute to clogging your gutters to begin with, then standing water in those clogged gutters begins to rot fascia boards and soffits, which then allows animals easy access to the inside of your home.

If you’re dealing with clogged gutters or animal issues related to your gutters, The Gutter Man can help. Give us a call, and we’ll evaluate your gutters and offer solutions that work with your budget!