Although the weather can be impossible to predict from one week to the next here in the Middle Tennessee region, one thing that you can always count on is a lot of rain during the season of spring. In order to ensure that your gutter system will be able to withstand the rainwater, it is essential to follow a simple icy guttermaintenance routine during the winter. Knowing the right steps to take during the coldest months of the year can prolong the life of your gutter system and help it to protect your home and its foundation for years. For over 14 years, Scott Brasfield has specialized in residential rain gutter and gutter guard systems in the Nashville area with his company, The Gutterman of Tennessee. No matter what type of gutter services that you may need, you can count on Scott to make sure that you are completely satisfied with his work and the performance of your gutter system. The Gutterman of Tennessee is independently owned and operated by Scott Brasfield, therefore, you will be able to directly deal with him throughout the process. His mission is to solve your gutter and water drainage problems, which is why he offers the exclusive Advantage Gutter & Roofing System that includes SafeGuard gutter guards to keep debris out of your gutters so that they can properly function. He also loves to share maintenance tips with his customers to help them take care of their gutter systems all through the year, and we would like to tell you more about the best steps to follow during the winter months.

Make sure that your gutters are cleared of debris.

When leaves, twigs, and other types of debris are clogging your gutters, they are unable to drain properly, and this can lead to water pooling by the foundation of the house, which increases the risk for water leak damage to your home. Although you can use a pressure washer instead of having to climb on a ladder to scoop out the debris with a garden trowel or a gutter scoop, The Gutterman of Tennessee provides professional gutter cleaning services to take care of this essential task for you. We can also update your gutter system with the SafeGuard gutter guard system that will keep debris from being able to get in and clog your gutters.

Take a look at the seams and anchors of your gutter system.

In their article “Winter Gutter Maintenance,” HGTV suggests that you look for any gaps between the gutters and the fascia board, which is mounted at the point where the roof meets the exterior walls of your house. Your gutter system should be securely attached to this board by gutter spikes. If you notice that any of the gutters are starting to pull away and become unattached to the fascia board, contact The Gutterman of Tennessee as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for his professional gutter repair services.

Inspect your home for any structural damage.

Water leaks can cause extensive and expensive damage to the structure of your home, and if your gutters are clogged or damaged, your home and its foundation are at a higher risk of water penetration issues. Signs of structural damage caused by gutter problems include staining and rotting of the fascia board, siding, and the foundation. The Gutterman is here to help you to diagnose the source of the water leak if you spot any damage, and he can make any necessary repairs to protect the structural integrity of your home.

Check to see if water from rain and melted ice and snow are properly diverted from your home.

You will want to take a look at the downspouts and the diverters of your gutter system to see if they are redirecting water onto a downward slope at least ten feet away from the foundation of your home. It is very important that water is not pooling and is flowing away from your house. Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water; however, HGTV recommends that you detach the downspout from your rain barrel until the return of warmer weather. You could also add a hose to the drain of your barrel that will ensure that the pass-through water is directed away from the house.

Knowing the right type of gutter maintenance steps to take during the winter months will help you keep your home and its foundation safe from water leak issues. If you find any signs of damage to your existing gutter system or any signs of water damage to your home, contact us as soon as possible at The Gutterman of Tennessee. We are here for any of your professional gutter maintenance, repair, and installation needs. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your gutter system, do not hesitate to give Scott a call.